Saint-Gobain Protective Systems


Protective Shelters


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers highly advanced shelter systems when extreme protection is required.  Our extensive experience with materials technology and chemical/biological protective equipment ensures your safety.



Shelter Materials

Advanced materials are the foundation of our superior protective products such as with shelter systems.  Protective Systems Challenge® and Coretech TM  materials are chemically protective fabrics offering various levels of protection.   Our extensive knowledge of fluoropolymer film technology enables us to deliver fabrics with an unsurpassed combination of functionality and comfort.



U.S. Army Chemically and Biologically Protected Shelter System

The Chemically and Biologically Protected Shelter System (CBPSS) provides a highly mobile, contamination free, environmentally controlled work area for forward deployed medical treatment units.  It is a lightweight multipurpose shelter that can be inflated in four minutes and can be made fully operational in less than 20 minutes with four personnel.   


This particular shelter system was developed for the U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command.



Custom Shelter Custom Shelters

Saint-Gobain Protective Systems' shelters are designed and produced as a custom product. 



Please Contact Us for details of your shelter requirements.